Tacoma Program

Admission & Registration Process

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We're glad you're interested in the Tacoma Program.

The first step to admission is to call (253) 680-3000 to schedule and attend an Intake Interview at Evergreen - Tacoma.
This step is important in determining a match between your goals and the academic program offered. If your decision to apply is confirmed, you will receive a signed Intake Interview form that you will submit to Admissions as part of your application.

Complete the Evergreen Undergraduate Application. You can apply online at www.evergreen.edu/admissions/apply.htm.

  • Be sure to include the $50 application fee.
  • Be sure to list all colleges and vocational/technical schools you've attended on the application.
  • If completing the paper application form, be sure to mail it and the fee along with the Intake Interview Form to the Olympia Campus-Admissions Office.

Request 'official' academic transcripts from every college you've attended and have them sent to the Olympia Campus Admissions Office.
This process usually takes the longest, so order your transcripts early. You can ballpark your transfer credits at admissions.evergreen.edu/transferdegrees.html.

You need to have a completed admission application file 'no later than 6 weeks before the quarter you wish to begin attending.
If it's getting close to this deadline, don't let that stop you from getting in touch with us if you're interested in attending. We're here to help.

Once you receive a letter of admission, you must pay a $50 Advance Tuition Deposit to guarantee your spot in the program.
Do NOT send this deposit unless you actually receive an offer of admission.

  • Admission does not mean registration – you must register for the program during scheduled registration periods. You will receive instructions only after having been offered admission and having paid the deposit.

Financial Aid

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Make sure you also complete an Evergreen Financial Aid Data Sheet and mail it to the Olympia Campus-Financial Aid Office. Information about and links to both the FAFSA and Data Sheet can be found at www.evergreen.edu/financialaid.

  • Financial Aid applicants should apply as soon after January 1st as possible for each upcoming academic year. If you have not applied at least 6 weeks before the quarter for which you are applying for admission, any aid is unlikely to be available in time for the tuition payment deadline.
  • Applicants who have their financial aid files complete by March 15th receive priority.
  • Note: Even though your financial aid file may be complete, you cannot be offered aid unless you have been accepted for admission.

Once you are offered aid, be sure to sign and return your award letter to the Financial Aid Office and follow any other instructions you are given.


Once you have paid your $50 deposit, you will receive notification of dates, times, and procedures for registering.

Tuition and Fees

Once you are registered, tuition and fees are due on the first Friday of the Quarter. Students without the full tuition and fees received in Student Accounts on the Olympia Campus by 3:45PM on that day will be assessed a late fee of $50. You will not be dropped from your registration

If sufficient financial aid funds have been deposited in your Student Account, your tuition will be paid automatically once you've registered.

Check current estimated tuition rates at www.evergreen.edu/business/studentfinancialservices/tuitionrates.htm.

  • It's a good idea to check your financial aid status regularly to ensure that everything is ready by the time you register: call (360) 867-6205.
  • You can have left over aid mailed to you-just call Student Accounts at (360) 867-6447.