About Us



Rhys Roth, Director

Rhys Roth is Director of the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) at The Evergreen State College which is helping to bring innovation, new tools, and sustainability excellence to infrastructure planning and investment in the Pacific Northwest.  Rhys authored CSI’s influential inaugural report, Infrastructure Crisis, Sustainable Solutions and the first and second ‘5 Big Goals for 2040’ CSI reports, Rewiring the Northwest’s Energy Infrastructure and A Northwest Vision for 2040 Water Infrastructure. Prior to founding CSI, Rhys co-founded and helped lead for over 15 years the non-profit group Climate Solutions.



Terry Carroll, Operations Manager

Terry earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington where he gained two years of experience working as a lab technician. In 2015 he began working with the Center as a Master of Environmental Studies graduate student at the Evergreen State College. He completed this degree in the Summer of 2017, focusing on water management and sustainable infrastructure. He has also spent time as a summer intern with the WA Dept. of Ecology as part of the Water Quality section. His thesis work focuses on health equity in relation to public greenspace. Other relevant topics of interest for Terry include environmental public policy, data visualization tools, and green stormwater infrastructure.

Key Partners


Andrea Ramage, CSI Innovation Lab, Founder & CEO of Somersault Consulting LLC

Somersault Consulting LLC is a WA state-certified woman-owned business working with change-makers in civil infrastructure and environmental stewardship to imagine and realize their best futures. Andrea specializes in strategy and business planning, facilitating innovation process, advising on enterprise sustainability programs, and developing leaders’ skills in strategy and creative problem-solving. Prior to founding her company, Andrea worked for CH2M, a global engineering company. She launched the firm’s internal sustainability program and developed it into a full-fledged environmental management system within 5 years. She also led the company’s rise to industry leadership in sustainable solutions by developing a sustainability consulting practice, building the firm’s internal capacity across multiple business units, and raising the company’s visibility with clients. She has advised clients in sectors ranging from aerospace, global agricultural development, and mining to food manufacture, water/wastewater treatment, and urban redevelopment. Andrea continues to gain inspiration from the Pacific Northwest’s immense natural beauty. She holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Princeton University and an M.S. in Geotechnical Engineering from Virginia Tech.



Anne Nelson, Advisor for Graduate Case Studies Internships

Anne Nelson focuses on the nexus of science, community and policy through collaborative natural resource management and marine planning. Currently on contract to NOAA’s International Marine Protected Area Capacity Building Program, Anne works with marine protected area and coastal managers in Latin America, Asia and the Pacific on coastal and marine spatial planning, sustainable tourism, environmentally sensitive development, habitat protection and stakeholder engagement. Prior to NOAA, Anne worked for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services on watershed planning, green infrastructure integration and climate action planning. This followed collaborative marine water quality planning in Puget Sound, a sustainability project in New Zealand, and wetlands field work and education in Oregon, following completing the MES Program in 2000.



Anza Evans - Designer, CSI Reports - Owner, Creative Director and Designer at Anza Evans Design Services

For over twenty years as a graphic designer and creative marketing pro, Anza has been finding successful branding and marketing solutions for her clients. After college she moved to the Pacific Northwest where she began her design career, advancing from staff designer to art director and then associate creative director at agencies in both Portland, Oregon and Seattle. In 2010, Anza started her own creative firm. Drawing upon her extensive background in print and web design, she enjoys servicing a diverse array of clients. Beyond her passion for design, she finds great joy in gardening, wine tasting and exploring the beautiful state of Washington.

Past Interns

Ulysses Martin, Case Studies Intern

Ulysses earned his B.A. in Community Sustainability Studies from The Evergreen State College. He has resided in Tacoma Washington since 1975 near the Puyallup Tribe where he continues to steward Tacoma’s first public Permaculture Food Forest in Swan Creek Park. Ulysses spent 10 years in public service stewarding Washington’s State highway system as a transportation civil engineer before returning to graduate studies in Public Administration. He endeavors to address the regions approaches of sustainable and resilient infrastructure development in a state of climate uncertainty and urbanization. In 2014, he founded the Permaculture Lifestyle Institute, a Green Infrastructure development nonprofit, to assist front line communities with information, education, planning, design, and development. In 2015 he was a finalist in Tacoma Green Infrastructure Challenge were he showcased his engineered urban Chinampa storm water redistribution system as a determinate of community health and wellbeing. He endeavors to facilitate resilient networks of mutual, equitable, and respectful community relationships.


Anna Thurston, Infrastructure Outreach Intern

Anna’s passion for sustainablility is life-long, including undergraduate and professional studies in Landscape Horticulture, Design, and Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University, Kansas State Univeristy, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and the University of Colorado - Denver. She has applied her knowledge to water utility outreach programs in Colorado, and Washington to address water shortage and stormwater issues. Anna’s graduate studies at Evergreen furthers her passion for sustainablity as she examines the value of “natural capital” and trade-offs associated with green infrastructure. Her involvement with the Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council considers the combined values of Washington state agency support of infrastructure renewal.



Will Golding, Research Assistant Internship

Will studied Architectural Engineering for two years at the University of Texas at Austin before completing two years of service as an Americorps member building affordable homes with Habitat for Humanity in Tacoma, WA. Will is scheduled to complete his undergraduate education at The Evergreen State College with a focus on combining sustainable design, community studies, and environmental studies. Will has focused on sustainable infrastructure during his undergraduate work and will continue with this theme as a member of Evergreen's Master of Environmental Studies program in the fall of 2016.



Ben Harbaugh, Case Studies Internship

After graduating from Western Washington University in 2011, Ben completed three years of Americorps while serving on habitat restoration crews. In 2015 he started the Master of Environmental Studies program at the Evergreen State College. He became interested in sustainable infrastructure through consideration of the tremendous environmental challenges facing our society today. Upon completing his internship with the case studies initiative, Ben is continuing his environmental education and remains active with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure.



Allison Wyatt, Research Assistant Internship

Allison is originally from Miami, Florida and graduated from New College of Florida with a B.A. in Environmental Studies. She came to The Evergreen State College in 2014 to continue her education in the Masters of Environmental Studies program. She became interested in working with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure because she wanted to learn more about Pacific Northwest infrastructure and policy. Throughout her time as a research assistant with the Center, she reviewed numerous sources regarding critical sustainable infrastructure issues, interviews with thought leaders, resilient power systems, and new policies and regulatory processes. She looks forward to graduating in June 2016 and applying the knowledge she gained at the Center toward a career in sustainability.