Sustainable Food Practices

Sustainable agriculture and local, healthy foods are commonly valued at Evergreen. Students can study and practice sustainable agriculture practices on the campus farm, eat local foods in the student run cafe or dining service's cafeteria, join a student group, raise a garden, or connect with numerous community organizations with local, healthy food missions. See HERE for opportunities in the on-campus housing. Also, refer to the Evergreen Food Guide, originally compiled in 2011-12 by MES student, Justin Rogers.

Organic Farm

Established in 1972 the organic farm is one of Evergreen’s most precious and enduring projects. Food from the organic farm is consumed in Evergreen’s cafeteria, sold from a farm-stand on Red Square, and available to the local residents through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Any excess food is given to the Thurston County Food Bank, local charities, or is composted. Evergreen’s organic farm is also the first college farm to officially be certified “salmon safe.”

Academic Programs

The Evergreen State College offers multiple academic programs with an emphasis or focus on agriculture. The Organic Farm based programs provide students with the skills to manage a production agriculture facility and to become more knowledgeable about global and local agricultural practices, understanding agricultural systems, organic horticulture and small livestock production.

Flaming Eggplant; The student run café

In the fall of 2008, a student-run café opened up on campus. Located in the College Activities Building, the Flaming Eggplant strives to use seasonal recipes based on food that is locally available and organically grown.

Contracted Food Service

Evergreen works closely with our food services contractor to ensure that a high percentage of food purchases are from local, organic, and/or sustainably managed sources. Read more...

Community Gardens

Gardens are available for use at both the Farm and in the Residence Halls.

Housing Community Garden Beds

Student Groups

Student groups with an emphasis on food include: