Learning about Sustainability

"Sustainability isn't just a bandwagon we're hopping onto. It's woven into the very fabric of our identity, and history, as an institution." President -Purce, 2007

Earth on Red Square

Evergreen’s highly interdisciplinary model sets the stage for successful curricular work in sustainability. Our learning communities use whole systems thinking to approach the social and environmental aspects of sustainability. Furthermore, one of Evergreen’s core missions is to support community based learning with the goal of graduating students who are involved in creating a better world, both locally and globally.

One of the stated expectations of an Evergreen graduate is “A successful Evergreen graduate will understand that by giving of yourself you make the success of others possible. A thriving community is crucial to your own well-being. The study of diverse worldviews and experiences will help you to develop the skills to act effectively as a local citizen within a complex global framework.”

Classes with a focus on Sustainability (enter 'sustainability' into the search filter).

Aberdeen prison garden

Evergreen also offers a number of opportunities for students to directly participate in campus and community based work towards sustainability, including opportunities through: