Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Evergreen's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships offer undergraduates the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors on research projects.

Student applications will be due March 5, 2018 at 11:59 pm

2018 proposed faculty SURF projects (PDF) 

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Fellows receive financial support to engage as junior research partners on faculty-led projects across the disciplinary spectrum.  Faculty get help to advance their research agendas while fellows gain valuable real-world experience. Students and faculty together present their research in a fall symposium.In addition to college funding, support from The Evergreen State College Foundation helps make the SURF program possible.

Since its successful pilot in 2013, faculty and students have teamed up in nearly 50 SURF projects in a variety of fields:  anthropology, archaeology, literary arts, film, human rights, cybersecurity, indigenous studies, organic chemistry, plant biology, marine biology, philosophy, microbiology, ornithology, biogeochemistry, urban planning, 18th century literature, and mathematics education. Find out more about past projects at the SURF Highlights page.

Program features

Faculty design summer projects and students compete for available fellowships. Each fellow spends half-time or more on a twelve-week project and receives a $3,000 stipend for participation. The program expects to support up to 18 fellows in 2018.

The entire cohort of fellows meets regularly for an interdisciplinary seminar about research-related topics.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a multidisciplinary opportunity. Selection of students and faculty-designed projects represents different research arenas at the college.

Read more about SURF features and eligibility requirements.

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