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The Evergreen State College Style Guide

Our marketing team has developed a visual identity to highlight the uniqueness of Evergreen’s offerings, celebrate our diverse community, and promote the Greener spirit of doing things a bit differently.

This Style Guide aims to unify the school’s marketing materials, signage, and public face into a cohesive, recognizable, and consistent visual identity.

All public-facing materials will be held to the standards of the Style Guide. The main tenets are:

Below, you’ll find brief explanations of the thinking behind each tenet, as well as links to the specific usage rules.

Evergreen’s Brand Names

In addition to establishing its own visual identity, Evergreen must respect copyrights and trademarks used by other entities, as well as define and protect our own from potentially negative association and misuse. To that end, we have established Brand Name guidelines governing appropriate use and acceptable truncations of the college name.

Evergreen Logos

Our identity package includes two general purpose logos for use in a wide variety of contexts, and a third version for use on the website.

Evergreen’s logos have two parts that come together to form the whole. The words are inspired by the signs welcoming visitors to the campus, recreating its lowercase text and loosely arranged typography. The tree logo mark is based on a back-of-the-napkin drawing by Connie Hubbard, the school’s first graphic artist. The school’s location may optionally be included underneath the logo. The contrast between the type and the mark—thick and thin, rough and smooth, layered and stacked—signifies the interdisciplinary nature of Evergreen’s programs: disparate views uniting to form a new, harmonious perspective.

For detailed usage guidelines and downloadable logo files, see the Evergreen Logo page.

Brand Colors

Evergreen uses a standardized color palette in order to unify branding between print and web, and to create an experience that is consistent, intuitive, and distinctly Evergreen.

Evergreen’s new colors took direction from the college’s original color scheme—inspired by the thousand acres of forest and beach surrounding the campus—maintaining a connection to Evergreen’s heritage, and to its natural environment. Our colors sample Washington’s famous blueberries and forest treetops in the spring. The result is a friendlier, more energetic, and more welcoming look for the school’s website and print materials. Extensive color guidance is available on the Brand Colors page.

Typographic Standards

Evergreen’s primary typeface is Avenir, a strong, modern sans-serif that once again matches the welcome signs at the campus entrances. Two alternate typefaces—Minion and Chaparral—are also available for judicious use. See our Typographic Standards for more instructions on using these typefaces.

Email Newsletter Creation Guidelines

Poor quality emails can look unprofessional, appear suspicious, communicate the wrong ideas, and even undermine the trust our readers have in us. Take a few moments to read our helpful Email Newsletter guidelines.

Geoducks Style Guide

Evergreen’s athletics program uses styles and designs that are suited to the fast-paced, excitement of the world of sports.

The Geoducks Style Guide (PDF) sets the standards for Evergreen’s athletics brand and design products.