International Programs and Services

Pathway No.3 - Independent Pathways

Two independent pathways:

Through Evergreen:

Not through Evergreen:

a university abroad
a language school abroad
in another US college's Study Abroad programs

Individual learning contracts are one option for Evergreen students.

This options assures Evergreen credit, and allows students to use their financial aid to tailor individualized study abroad activities. For example, a student may want to incorporate study at a language school, enroll in a course at a university or institute, and do independent research and writing. To pass academic muster, individual learning contracts abroad must provide specifics far beyond merely "experiencing culture" or "travel as education". There also must be an academic reason for students to undertake individual contract work abroad, rather than in the United States. Students planning on developing a contract abroad should speak with the Coordinator of International Programs and Services (x6421).

Planning for an individual contract should begin one to two quarters prior to the contract beginning.

Internship opportunities are available world-wide.

Students may develop their own internships by making contact with agencies or individuals abroad, or research already existing internships. If you are planning on undertaking an internship abroad, you should make contact with the Coordinator for International Programs and Services. The required "Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement" form is also available in this office.

Planning for an international internship should be started at least one to two quarters in advance of the anticipated start date.

Independent enrollment and attendance at a school other than Evergreen can be done in two ways.

  • Use an Independent Contract or
  • Take a leave of absence from Evergreen

By taking a leave of absence you would need to complete your studies elsewhere and then request a transcript sent to Evergreen for evaluation. Please keep in mind there are no guarantees that your grades will transfer into Evergreen – this is especially true for Language Schools. The Independent Contract option is discussed above.

For either option it is essential that you make contact with the Coordinator of International Programs and Services to get further information.