Delve into the intricacies of the human mind. Find out what makes people tick. Learn how to help people dealing with stress and addiction. Prepare for law school. Help people create their own path to successful living.

Freeman Clinical Psychology Discussion

If you are fascinated by human behavior—how people think, feel, and act—Evergreen’s interdisciplinary approach to psychology offers a range of approaches for you to build your understanding of the social, psychological, and biological forces that influence human health and behavior.

Evergreen will prepare you in both theory and practice for graduate study and work in clinical psychology, human and social services, and psychological research. Having a solid understanding of human behavior is an extremely marketable skill in a number of career settings including social services, advertising, marketing, education, health care, and politics.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making a real difference in other people’s lives, studying psychology can be a great way to achieve that goal.

At Evergreen, you’ll learn how to critically evaluate theories of human behavior and explore research methods that will further your understanding. You’ll be encouraged to explore psychology from multiple perspectives, integrating a range of approaches from which to consider human behavior, emotion, and thinking. You’ll study the history and systems of psychology, learn quantitative and qualitative research methods, and examine multicultural themes regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religious identity, and ability/disability. Regionally-based internships in counseling and social services offer ample opportunities to gain experience in the field.

Join us in an education that doesn’t just change your life — it gives you the tools to change the world.

Sample Program

Madness and Creativity: The Psychological Link

Fall 2015 & Winter 2016

Many of the world's greatest writers, artists, and thinkers have struggled with conditions classified as abnormal by psychologists. In this program, we explore these conditions and their impact on creativity, searching for links between certain kinds of abnormal psychological conditions and the drive to create.

Our interdisciplinary program is a serious study of psychology, literature, the arts, imagination, and the creative impulse. Through an in-depth study of abnormal psychology, we learn to identify and understand a number of conditions. Our readings combine art theory with psychological case studies by writers such as Sacks and Ramachandran and imaginative literature describing abnormal psychological conditions by Gogol, Dostoevsky, Poe, Kafka, Plath, Gilman, and others. We also study the normal mind and how it functions in both mundane and creative ways.

Students discuss readings in seminars, engage in active writing exercises, and develop projects designed to explore and stimulate creativity. Films, discussions, guest speakers, and field trips to art museums enhance our examination of the uses or influence of psychological conditions in the creation of literature, art, and music. Students undertake a culminating project in winter term.

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Freeman Clinical Psychology

Offerings Proposed For 2017-18

As a student at Evergreen, you'll select from programs like the ones listed here to build your own education. While there are no specific course requirements, you can choose to develop an Area of Emphasis with help from advisors and faculty.

Lower Division

Programs for freshmen and sophomores:

All Levels

Both upper and lower division students may take these programs:

Upper Division

Programs for juniors and seniors:

After Graduation

Portrait of Guy Diamond

Guy Diamond, class of 1981, has developed groundbreaking screening and family therapy techniques to reduce the risk of suicide in adolescents. Find out more.

Psychology studies offer an enormous variety of career paths. The demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, and social services agencies continues to grow. Evergreen students are encouraged to extend their knowledge of psychology to other disciplines. Some go on to pursue graduate study in clinical, developmental, or cognitive psychology, counseling, or social work while others use psychological perspectives to inform their work in literature, the arts, and other fields. If you’ve ever dreamed of making a real difference in other people’s lives, studying psychology can be a great way to achieve that goal.

Facilities and Resources

The Evergreen Psychological Society

This student group is dedicated to providing space and resources for Evergreen students who are interested in psychology and the mind. Weekly meetings are held for discussion of psychology, information sharing, and networking opportunities with other psych students.

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Internships and Research

Numerous internship opportunities in counseling and clinical settings, social service agencies, and schools are available for students interested in clinical psychology or counseling. Upper-level students may also work with faculty to conduct individual research projects in psychology or social sciences.

Western Psychological Association Convention

The Western Psychological Association (WPA) is the regional arm of the American Psychological Association. Their annual convention of psychology professionals and students allows students to explore the range of activities and topics that psychology offers, and to learn cutting edge research in the field. Faculty facilitate the trip annually for students who are interested in attending.