business, management, and entrepreneurship

Learn how to create and manage innovative enterprises that bring about social change. Develop leadership skills. Start your own business. Gain a practical foundation in accounting, finance, marketing, and the other disciplines needed to operate in business and the larger world.

The Organic Farm Stand

The Organic Farm sits at an interdisciplinary nexus of science, nature, and business.

Studying business at Evergreen gives you the tools to understand the relationship between business and society. Our programs cultivate a holistic understanding of the business world, taking into account social and environmental performance—along with financial returns—to measure the full impact.

You will develop the skills that characterize the far-thinking and effective organizational leader and manager.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and statistics, students acquire the ability to read, comprehend, and interpret the internal and external flow of events impacting an organization. You will develop your skills in critical reasoning, communication, research, and strategic planning—skills that characterize the far-thinking and effective organizational leader and manager. A key focus here is on developing people skills and responsiveness to an organization’s stakeholders. Our courses in business and entrepreneurship are offered as full-time programs during the day and part-time programs during evenings and weekends.

Join us in an education that doesn’t just change your life — it gives you the tools to change the world.

Chris Baggott

Greener Chris Baggott was the co-founder of ExactTarget and recently launched his latest venture Compendium Software that focuses on organizational blogging and search engine optimization.

Sample Program

The Funding of Higher Education: Debt, the Great Divide!

Offered Fall 2017–Winter 2018

How is college funded, and on whose dime? How much should a state or nation pay for the education of its citizens beyond secondary school, and to what extent should the expense of higher education fall upon individuals and their families?

In this program, students will explore the financing of higher education as a case study through which they look at larger economic and social issues—and around which they build applicable skills in finance, economics, business, writing, communication, and research. What is the history of funding for higher education? How do various economic, social, and cultural models impact funding and society? What is the role of economics and finance? What about fundraising, grants, and scholarships? What are the related issues of social justice, equity, access, and political advocacy?

The program will include lectures, seminars, workshops, films, and guest speakers. Students will participate in collaborative projects and research, and learn from a variety of community leaders.

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Business and management

Lecture and discussion in the program Business and Management Strategies for the Private and Public Sectors with Lee Lyttle and Theresa Aragon.

After Graduation

Olympia Coffee Roasting

Greener Sam Schroeder’s co-owned business, the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, was named Micro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine.

Evergreen Business graduates are prepared to do business. They create their own enterprises and work with or consult with others in founding or growing organizations. Our programs provide a solid foundation for graduate studies in business administration, public administration, and law. Our graduates are leaders in the private sector, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Facilities & Resources

Evergreen Business graduates create their own enterprises and work with or consult with others in founding or growing organizations.

Evergreen offers students plenty of opportunities to gain practical, hands-on experience in business.

Students run several enterprises on campus, including the Flaming Eggplant café and a farm stand that sells produce from the college’s Organic Farm.

The Greener Bookstore provides student employment and career training. KAOS, Evergreen’s licensed radio station, depends on volunteers to operate, and the college’s newspaper, the Cooper Point Journal is staffed entirely by students (on both the editorial and business sides).

Student Activities gives students the awesome ability to start their own clubs. In the past, students have established business-oriented clubs such as the Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, which helped students learn about pursuing business careers.

Students can also find and connect with Greeners in many areas of business, both locally and around the world, through the online Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory.