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A Progressive, Public College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Evergreen has a national reputation for leadership in developing innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative and team-taught academic programs. Evergreen values a student-centered teaching and learning environment, a link between theory and practice, and a community of diverse students, faculty, and staff working together. Narrative evaluations—rather than letter grades—place the emphasis on student learning and collaboration, instead of competition.

The curriculum is characterized by interdisciplinary studies, team-teaching and active learning. Usually taught by two or more faculty, most programs are full-time, multi-quarter, intensive learning communities. The college’s evening and weekend program offers the same kinds of programs, as well as courses in specific subjects.

Aerial View of Evergreen in Olympia and Mount Rainier

In addition to the liberal arts undergraduate programs, Evergreen offers four master's level graduate programs in Environmental Studies, Public Administration, Education, and Teaching.

Along with the main campus in Olympia, Evergreen has an upper-division learning community of about 200 students in Tacoma. The Tacoma Program is located in an urban setting that is integrated with the surrounding community. In addition, the college has been authorized to serve the tribes throughout Washington state. This community-based, uper-division degree program has existed for 20 years and is currently offered at five sites in Western Washington.

Public service centers located at The Evergreen State College

The college has approximately 4800 students, 320 faculty and 500 exempt and classified staff. Temporary faculty members comprise less than 23% of overall faculty FTE (approximately 147 FTE continuing, 43 FTE temporary). The academic annual operating budget is $27.6 million.

Evergreen is located on 1000 forested acres at the southern tip of Puget Sound. Seattle, Portland, Mt. Rainier National Park, the Pacific Ocean and the rain forests of Olympic National Park are all within a one- to two-hour drive.

Two Graduating StudentsCommitted to incorporating diverse perspectives into our educational program, we believe that significant differences among the faculty, staff and the student body bring profound benefits to our learning community. Therefore, Evergreen is committed to equal opportunity including the recruitment and retention of a multi-cultural learning community that is diverse in race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, or veteran status.

  • Students of color comprise 19% of the student body (17% in Olympia, 48% in Tacoma and 94% in the tribal community-based program).
  • People of color comprise 26% of the faculty and 26% of the staff. Fifty-one percent of faculty members are women.
  • Twenty-two percent of our students are 30 or older; 27% are first generation; 37% are low income; and 7% have reported disabilities.

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