Student Conduct

The Evergreen State College and the student conduct process exist to promote student learning.  Learning occurs through personal engagement that strengthens students’ capacity to judge, speak, and act on the basis of reasoned beliefs.  Learning develops global citizens who assume responsibility for their decisions, expressions, actions, and impact on those around them. The values, functional practices, and programs of the student conduct process support a holistic, restorative justice model that seeks to assist students in development of a positive, successful, and respectful living and learning environment.  Each member of this community has a responsibility to uphold the shared expectations as defined in the Student Conduct Code and the Social Contract.

Letter from the Vice President
Student Conduct Staff

Student Conduct Code

Social Contract

Residential and Dining Services Policies


Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Facilitated Conversation
  • Mediation
  • Restorative Justice Healing Circle

Sexual Assault and Title IX

Incident Flow Chart


Clery Report


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Reporting an Incident

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