PLATO Grants

Royalties received from the PLATO computer-aided instruction materials developed at Evergreen during the early 1980s support an annual lecture series on computer-related topics.

Lecture Series (a.k.a. Cutting Edge Symposium): The PLATO Lecture Series award, open to faculty, supports an annual guest speaker series on a topic concerning computers and technology. Some themes of past series have been computers in the arts, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and the Internet. Approximately $5,000 is available for each annual series. The deans solicit proposals annually for the coming year's lecture series and make the final selection.

Call for Proposals for the 2018-19 PLATO Lecture Series

Technology Grants: Beginning in the 1980s, PLATO Technology Grants supported projects that strengthened and enhanced curriculum incorporating the use of computer technology. The last PLATO Technology Grant was awarded in 2016. For a list of past recipients and their projects, visit the PLATO Technology Grants history page.

For further information, email John McLain or call him at (360) 867-6045.