Evergreen Fund for Innovation Award History

Former Evergreen President Jane Jervis launched the Evergreen Fund for Innovation in 1996, which culminated in the creation of a $1 million endowment to support awards from the fund.  The Fund began making awards in 1998.  The following is a complete list of Fund for Innovation awards since the program's inception.

  • Virtual Forest (Chandra, Judy Cushing, Hayes, and Nadkarni) $11,534
  • Electronic Submission and Editing of Papers (T. Curtz, et al.)  $11,000
  • Urban Foods Lecture Series (M. Henderson, et al.)  $10,275
  • Skills Workshop for Part-time Students (Archibald, et al.)  $16,978
  • Mediaspace Collaborative Interactive Media Systems (Cloninger, Randlette, et al.) $22,200
  • Phage for Control of Bacterial Pathogens in Salmonids (Kutter, et al.) $20,000
  • Interactive Database for Ecological Research at TESC (Tabbutt, Heminway) $13,500
  • Planning/Exploration of Incorporating Arab and Hebrew Languages in Curriculum (Saliba, Laird, Niva) $6,073
  • Mobile Computing-based Research (Parsons, et al.) $10,000
  • Art and Science Projects about Trees and Forest Landscapes: Collaborations and a Chautauqua (Nadkarni, Aurand, Chandra, Goldberger, Leverich) $5,000
  • Critical Anthology of 19th, 20th, and 21st Century Northwest Poetry (Ransom, M. Smith) $5,000
  • Reading to Write (Yannone, Koppelman) $5,000

The college did not offer Fund for Innovation awards from 2003 through 2006.

  • The Evergreen Visual History Archive (Cloninger, et al.) $51,000 (view application)
  • Carbon Fluxes in Our Forest and Carbon Offsets as a Piece of Evergreen's Goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2020 (Cole, Fischer, et al.) $28,121 (view application)
  • Growing Places Farm and Energy Park (M. Henderson, et al.) $25,000 (view application)

The college did not offer Fund for Innovation awards in 2010 and 2011. 

  • Mathematic and Media Literacy: Reconnecting the Liberal Arts (McCreary, Sheppard, et al.) $35,000 (view application)


  • Inequality: Town Halls for Education Innovation (Sarah Williams, et al.) $8,000