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Student Wellness Services Workshops

Workshops Offered via Student Wellness Services Winter 2018

Students interested in attending groups can just show up on the day of the event! All are welcome!

Adulting 101 Workshops: How to Get Your S*** Together

These hour long interactive workshops are designed to provide participants with a toolkit of skills and resources that best works for their particular situation, goals, and life circumstance; essentially figuring out that thing called "adulting" together.

Alcohol and Other Drug Information


As a condition of employment or enrollment, employees and students are required to abide by the following policies:

Student Wellness Services Groups

Groups Offered via Student Wellness Services Winter 2018

Students interested in attending groups can get signed up in Student Wellness Services (Sem 1 2150) via Drop In. Groups typically start after Week 3 of each quarter.

DBT Skills Group Tuesdays 11-12:30pm

Family & Friends Resources

As family and friends of college students, the transitions and changes to your relationship can be difficult. We want to support students and their families in the transition to college. 

CARE Connect-Orientation Intake

This is the name of the Evergreen Staff who engaged with this particular student. We are asking for names just in case we need follow up information of your conversation.

Responding to Students In Distress

In your role as a staff or faculty at Evergreen, you may come in contact with students who are distressed. Each member of the Evergreen community has a responsibility to help students succeed. Campus wellness is a campus issue, not solely individual members. 

No one has to do everything. Everyone has to do something.

Prevention Efforts

We strive to work for education, advocacy, skill development, and the direct care. Prevention and response is important as we see campus wellness as a campus issue.

In thinking about a spectrum of response that is comprehensive and integrated student intervention program, we also have a variety of prevention efforts and programming throughout campus.

CARE Coordination & Student Assistance

CARE Team's ultimate goal is to support overall holistic student success.

Student Wellness Services Staff

SWS Director

Elizabeth McHugh

SWS Administrative Staff

Beth Hesketh

Gloria Gaetz

Dolores Sweeney

CARE Coordinator

Lexie Generous, MSW LGSW

Counseling Staff

Ed Brendler (Therapist)

Kelly Brown, PhD (Lead Psychologist)

Leslie Johnson, MSW (Therapist)

Quinn Russell, MS (Therapist)

Jamyang Tsultrim, MA (Therapist)

Counseling Interns

Medical Staff

Ann Eure

Barbara Krulich

Kathleen O'Connor


Student Medical Assistant and Undergraduate Intern Programs

We are now accepting applications for 2018-19!  If you are interested in an exceptional clinical experience to prepare for post-graduate work or a future career in health, medicine, or mental health please come see us at Student Wellness Services or at the Academic Fair.

2018 Timeline for Application (both programs):

Please note that the time line has changed. Application deadline and interviews are 2 months earlier than previous years.