Area of Emphasis

Before you make an appointment to meet with an advisor about your area of emphasis, please download the packet, read the guidelines, and begin filling out the worksheet.  We are glad to help you figure out how your courses and programs fit into the various categories, and what it all means, but your advisor meeting will be much more productive if you've prepared by reviewing and thinking about your previous work. 

Find and Apply for Jobs

Make an appointment or come in during drop-in hours for help with job searching or application preparation.

Describe Your Education

Remember, your degree doesn't indicate how you focused your studies: it just says Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences, or Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.  

When you're applying for jobs, it's up to you to describe your course of study in a way that's true to your academic work and helpful in getting the right job. Don't sell yourself short: go beyond just Interdisciplinary Studies and talk about exactly what you've learned.

Select Your Programs

Creative research strategies

New to Evergreen? Take the chance to expand your interests or combine something you already love with something unfamiliar. You might discover a new love.

Don't just read the titles when you're looking at the catalog. Give yourself enough time to dig into all the options for your class standing. Read the descriptions, and if you're curious, contact the faculty.

Make a Plan

Check your graduation progress

You will be eligible to graduate when you have enough credits to complete your declared degree and when you have submitted your final Academic Statement.

Contact an Advisor

Schedule an appointment for career or academic

Call (360) 867-6312 to schedule.

How to Work a Job Fair

This workshop will prepare you to attend events like the Career & Internship Fair coming up on November 8, and make the best use of your time and effort.

Building Your Network

This workshop will show you how to build a network that will aid you in your career.

Academic and Career Advising Survey

(Check all that apply)
Strongly disagreeDisgreeNeutral/Not applicableAgreeStrongly Agree
The person who checked me in at the intake desk was courteous.
My advisor really listened to what I was saying and understood my issues.
My advisor provided the information I needed.
I felt my advisor accepted and respected my identities.
After my advising session I had a better understanding of my options and the next step(s) to take.
I had enough time to have my concerns addressed.
I would come back to Academic and Career Advising in the future, if needed, and/or would recommend it to a friend.
Any further feedback or suggestions to improve our services are welcome.

Career & Internship Fair

Students and alumni will have opportunities to network and learn about organizations and career fields. Employers attending will represent both the private and public sectors.