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Geographic Information Systems


The Computer Applications Lab (CAL) is the home of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Evergreen. The CAL supports the Natural and Physical Sciences curriculum with GIS, as well as supporintg students with GIS technologies. The college computer labs have a wide range of GIS software including ESRI's ArcGIS suite, and Free (libre) Software such as Quantum GIS, GRASS, etc.

For specific question regarding GIS at TESC, contact:

David Geeraerts, CAL Manager (360)-867-5163

For general questions, contact the CAL (360)-867-6426

Evergreen Campus Data

(Work in progress)

Evergreen GIS Resources
Answers to frequency asked GIS questions

Local Datasets

Thurston County Basestation Data Thurston Geodata Center

Washington Statewide Datasets

Washington State Geospatial Data Archive
Washington State Department of Transportation
Washington State Department of Ecology
Washington State Deparment of Fish and Wildlife
Washington State Department of Health
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Washington State Department of Revenue
Washington State Office of Financial Management

Oregon Statewide Datasets

Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Geospatial Clearinghouse
Forestry data Oregon Department of Forestry
Geospatial Center Ecosystem GIS data
GEO Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office
Maps and Aerial Photography University of Oregon Library Database
Oregon Coast Data Geoospatial Clearinghouse
Oregon DEM Oregon StateWide DEM downloads
Wildlife/Habitat Data UW Mountain Drainage Basin Research Group

Nevada Statewide Datasets

Keck Center Maps and Geo-Images Keck Earth Sciences and Mining Research Information Center

National Datasets

Census Data U.S. Census Bureau
GIS Data depot Geo Community
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admininistration
US Census Bureau Tiger Data
National Atlas Maps and Raw Datal National Atlas

GIS ToolKit

Geospatial Metadata Validation Service Service is hosted by USGS to validate FGDC-STD-001-1998 compliant metadata
GPSBabel Free Software for GPS data conversion and transfer.

GIS Governing Bodies

OGC Open Geospatial Consortium

General GIS Resources

ESRI online data and help ESRI ArcGIS Resource Center