National Science Foundation: Laboratory-based Biology and/or Chemistry [Discontinued]

Amount: N/A
Due Date: NaN

This scholarship is not being offered for 2015-2016.

Offered to new or currently enrolled students attending full time who intend to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in laboratory-based biology and/or chemistry, and who intend to pursue a career in either or both of these fields. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and academic potential. The award is renewable, and is dependent upon satisfactory completion of Evergreen academic work.

Note: Recipients will be required to participate in regular seminars with other recipients, and attend other cohort activities. Participation in the seminar should foster a sense of community, provide a support network that will develop an awareness of career opportunities and lead to continued academic success. Undergraduate research and internship opportunities will also be possible.


  • A letter of application highlighting your past academic achievements and extracurricular involvement. Indicate how biology and/or chemistry relate to your long-term educational and career goals. In addition, explain how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals at Evergreen. 
  • Provide the names of two faculty that will serve as references for you (include name and contact information, i.e., email and phone number).
  • New students must submit unofficial transcripts from high school and/or previous colleges (see How to Apply #3A & B). These are in addition to transcripts submitted for admissions. 
  • Current Evergreen students must submit copies of Evergreen evaluations (see How to Apply #3C) or letters from program faculty specifically addressing academic achievement. The letters from faculty will not substitute for letters of recommendation if used to replace evaluations. 
  • FAFSA or WASFA (see How to Apply #4).