The Outdoor Program

Paulina Lake Hotsprings

Join The Outdoor Program on an excursion for hiking and SOAKING! Paulina Lake is located in the Newberry Crater, a collapsed volcano. Not only does this place feature beautiful views and fun hiking, but the residual volcanic activity gives access to some wonderful hot springs. Relax after a tough winter quarter by letting TOP provide you with food, gear and transportation and enjoy this wonderful location.

*NOTE* This trip is scheduled to depart from Evergreen on Friday evening because of drive time

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 3/12/2014, 7 PM, CRC 113 (the TOP Office)
Kara Quirke, Rachel Masoud, Jonathan Gottlieb
Paulina Lake, Willamette National Forest
7:00 AM, 3/15 – 8:00 PM, 3/16/2014
Participant limits:
Expenses and Fees:
Registration Cutoff:
3/12/2014 at 4 PM