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Palouse Falls Overnight

“Nestled in a deep coulee, the Palouse River creeps mostly unseen through the scablands north of the Snake River. It is only when you are right at the edge of the river's chasm that you can see and appreciate the deep cut the river makes through the basalt highlands. The same holds true for the falls, which starts in a deep cut and falls into a deeper hole. The falls can't be seen until you are nearly on top of it, but then--wow! A broad, broken plateau of black basalt stretches out to the horizon as you approach the entrance to the state park, when suddenly--boom!--there they are: the thundering waters of Palouse Falls pounding 198 feet into a circular bowl carved out of the cinder-black rock. Winter and spring are the prime times to see the falls. In the dead of winter, the jagged cliffs around the falls are lined with shimmering bands of ice, while in spring, the runoff from snowmelt in the high country has the falls running full bore as a thundering spectacle. Palouse Falls is a photographer's delight. Sunlight streams over the complex canyon walls, birds flitter around the cliffs, picking insects out of the air, and wildflowers color the sandy benches between rimrock bluffs.” - Washington Trails Association

The description above tells it all! Join TOP on this wonderful outing, light hiking, good camping, and beautiful scenery. Let TOP provide you with the gear and food while you revel in the oncoming spring. Remember to attend the mandatory pre-trip meeting for more information.

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 3/5/2013, 7 PM, CRC 113 (the TOP Office)
Gabe Chavez, Maciek Czyz
Palouse Falls State Park
7:00 AM 3/8/2014 - 8:00 PM 3/9/2014
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3/5/2014 at 4 PM