The Outdoor Program

Bandera Mountain Backpacking

Join The Outdoor Program on a breathtaking overnight in Alpine Lakes Wilderness! Bandera Mountain is located just off Snoqualmie Pass and is surrounded by a multitude of picturesque alpine lakes. Usually to snow covered to travel in winter we will take the Ira spring memorial trail and camp near Mason Lake. Equipment provided. Bring a lunch the first day and snacks for the other. Remember to attend the mandatory pre-trip meeting for more information.

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 5/14/2014, 7 PM, CRC 113 (the TOP Office)
 Gabe Chavez
 Alpine Lakes Wildernes
 7 am in F-Lot on 5/17/2014 to 7 pm on 5/18/2014
Participant limits:
Expenses and Fees:
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5/14/2014  at 4 PM