The Outdoor Program

Surfing Day Trip to Westport

Come learn to surf with TOP!!! The first weekend in June top will be heading to Westport to catch some waves. The waves are generally small and smooth that time of year, perfect for beginners. We will leave in the early morning and make the hour or so drive to a local surf shop where those who need to can rent gear. From there we hit the waves and will spend the rest of the day in water. We will dedicate the first half of the day helping the first timers learn to stand up and paddle out. The rest of the day people can stay in the water or explore the beach. We will build a fire on the beach to warm ourselves up as the sun set, and then we will take our sore muscles back to Olympia.

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 5/29/13, 6pm, CRC 113
Instructors: Casey Schein
Date: 6/1/2013
Location: Westport, WA
Time: TBA
Participant Limits: 9
Expenses and Fees: $15
Registration Cutoff: 5/29/13