The Outdoor Program

Ape Caves Day Trip

“Explore the mysterious lava tubes of Mount St. Helens that were formed during a volcanic eruption 1,900 years ago. Ape Cave was formed when the surface of the lava flow cooled and hardened while molten lava continued to flow far beneath. Ape Cave was discovered in 1951 by Harry Reese and his sons, who named the cave after their outdoor club, the Mount St. Helens Apes.” –Seattle Backpacker Magazine

Join The Outdoor Program on an adventurous caving excursion in Mt. St. Helens National Monument as we explore the wondrous lava tubes located inside the park. A mile long hike takes us through the temperate evergreen forest to an entrance into the Earth, followed by a half mile hike through lava tubes ranging in size from the space of a cathedral to smaller than a doorway. This is one of our favorite spots here in TOP and we can’t wait to share it with you. So pack a sack lunch and camera! Remember to attend the mandatory pre-trip meeting for more information.

Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 10/23/13, 7pm, CRC 113
Instructors: Kevin Dlugos, Gabe Chavez
Date: 10/26/13
Location: Mt. St. Helens National Monument
Time: 8am - 6pm
Participant Limits: 9
Expenses and Fees: $15
Registration Cutoff: 10/23/13 at 5pm