The Outdoor Program

Ozette Coast Loop Backpacking Trip

The salty, dense air of the rugged northwest coast awaits you, should you heed the challenge of this trip. We’ll hike through the temperate rainforest from Lake Ozette to Cape Alava, the westernmost point in the continental U.S. After setting up camp on the beach the group will explore tide pools, sea stacks, crustaceans and the wild flora and fauna. After being the last people in the continental U.S to see the sun dip into the pacific, with our bellies full from dinner, we will open up for a campfire, instruments encouraged. The next morning will be a leisurely 6 mile hike, three of which along the beach, bringing us back to the vans and our re-entry into civilization. This trip is open to those with all levels of experience.
Mandatory Pre-Trip Meeting: 11/28/12
Instructors: TBA
Date: 12/1/12 - 12/2/12
Location: Ozette Triangle, WA
Time: 8:30am (Saturday) - 8pm (Sunday)
Itinerary: Depart 8:30am, drive for 2 hours to Port Angeles, stop at Safeway for food/snacks and lunch break approx. 30 minutes, continue to drive for the next two hours to Ozette Ranger Station, arrival approximately 2pm. Gear up and hike the 3 miles to Cape Alava, drop packs and explore tide pools for a bit, look for the ideal campsite and make camp, approx. 5pm. Let the group loose to set up, and ask for volunteers for cooking, begin meal. Explore tide pools, filter water, camp chores etc. Tell people of the buddy system, and ask to be back when dinner is ready and to bring back a handful of wood. Start fire, eat dinner. Have fun and loose campfire session, make dessert, watch sunset and go to bed. In the morning, get up approximately 8am, make leisurely breakfast and pack up. Explore the tide pools, poke around, hike the remaining 5 miles out to trailhead leaving around 11 hoping to be back by 2pm and then drive back, stopping for two short gas station breaks arriving at F-Lot by 7pm.
Participant Limits: 9
Expenses and Fees: $45
Registration Cutoff: 11/28/12