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Due to changing road access and conditions, all trips may be subject to last-minute cancellation if TOP staff deem conditions unsafe or impassable. If your trip is canceled, you will receive a call from TOP or a CRC administrator and may collect a refund at the CRC 210 desk.

Remember, mandatory trip meetings are mandatory. If you cannot make a meeting, contact us at The Outdoor Program at least a day prior to the meeting and other arrangements may be possible. Otherwise if you miss a meeting you will not be allowed to participate in the activity.

There are no refunds of trip fees unless a trip is canceled.

Questions?   Email us at or call (360) 867-6526.


2015 Fall Schedule 

*Mima Falls Day Hike  -  October 4th

*Intro to Climbing @ Exit 38  -  October 18th

*Outdoor Photography Backpacking  -  October 24th & 25th

*All Ladies Vantage Climbing - November 7th & 8th

*Lake of the Angels Backpacking - November 14th and 15th

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Rental Equipment

The Outdoor Program has a large variety of outdoor camping, climbing, mountaineering, and paddling equipment.  All rental equipment is available for students, faculty, and community members. 

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Crampons Sleepingpoles

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Equipment Rentals

Rental Rates


Trip Photos (Click on "Open Content in New Window Link)

Shi Shi Beach  Lake Cushman  Marmot Pass  Cover Photos  Enchanted Valley 
Reflection Lakes Snowshoe  Intro To Backbacking  Ozette Coast  Vantage
Burroughs Day Hike  Mt Rainier Summit  Backcountry Cooking  Camp Muir Shakedown Climb
Mountain Fit Program  Intro to Crevasse Rescue  Basic Mountaineering Course