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Due to changing road access and conditions, all trips may be subject to last-minute cancellation if TOP staff deem conditions unsafe or impassable. If your trip is canceled, you will receive a call from TOP or a CRC administrator and may collect a refund at the CRC 210 desk.

Remember, mandatory trip meetings are mandatory. If you cannot make a meeting, contact us at The Outdoor Program at least a day prior to the meeting and other arrangements may be possible. Otherwise if you miss a meeting you will not be allowed to participate in the activity.

There are no refunds of trip fees unless a trip is canceled.

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2014 Fall Quarter Trip Schedule

Dates Trips

Oct 11-12

Lake Cushman Climbing and Hiking Extravaganza

Oct 18-19

Goat Rocks Backpacking Trip

Oct 24-26

Smith Rock Climbing Trip

Nov 1-2

Mt. Stone Mountaineering Trip

Nov 8-9

Marmot Pass Hiking Trip

Nov 15-16

Shi Shi Beach Camping Trip

Nov 22-23

Ape Caves, Lava Canyon, and Beyond

Please register at the CRC Administration desk. Space is limited.
All questions should be directed to The Outdoor Program in CRC 113, (360) 867-6526.

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