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Information for Visiting Groups


For Those Bringing Groups to the College Recreation Center (CRC)

Welcome to Evergreen's College Recreation Center! We appreciate your business and want to do all we can to make your experiences here enjoyable! What follows is a list of some procedures and expectations that we hope will help you prevent problems for your group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the phone number above!

A complete set of rules for the CRC is available online.

Information about space rentals.

Equipment Use


All equipment used in the building is included in the price of entry. Equipment is checked-out only to adult chaperones & supervisors, and only if a current state driver's license is left as collateral. You must sign -out and sign the equimpent back in or you will be liable for the replacement cost of the item(s) not signed back in.

Each Use Area (Including Each Locker Room) Must Be Chaperoned

At least one adult must supervise groups of youth under 18 in any use area accessed, including both locker rooms if used. Youth must be directly chaperoned-just being in attendance is not enough. Two adults are required in each locker room if the sauna is used.

Food & Drink

To prevent floor damage, food & drink are not allowed in the Gymnasium as well as in dance classrooms 116, 117, and 316.

Gym Shoes

Volleyball, tennis, or basketball shoes are acceptable footwear. Other sport shoes characterized by a flared mid-sole and "waffle" type tread, as well as street shoes, are strictly prohibited, regardless of the sole color.

Non-Swimmers Must Be Joined in the Pool

Chaperones must accompany non-swimmers in the water and remain with them at all times.

Parking Fees

The standard parking fees apply to group users. Information concerning special permits and arrangements for either handicapped parking or unloading equipment can be answered by the Parking Office at (360) 867-6352

Swimmers Dress Near Showers

To prevent injuries and a slippery floor, swimmers must dress at the lockers closest to the showers.


Patrons are required to sign a waiver at the access desk before entering. A copy of this waiver can be faxed or read over the phone for those with questions. Those refusing to sign will be denied entry.

13 & Over in the Weight Room

Patrons in the weight room must be 13 years of age or older.