Police Services Community Review Board

The Police Services Community Review Board (PSCRB) is composed of students, faculty, and staff whose mission is to further communication between the campus community and Police Services, and to provide a community review of specific complaints about Police Services.

The Board exists as an alternative to taking up complaints with the Director of Police Services or the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Board also provides an opportunity to share observations or any positive or negative feedback on campus safety and police-related matters.

If you have feedback, a complaint or observations regarding Police Services you wish to have reviewed, contact the Chair of the PSCRB.

PSCRB Review Board Members

  • Charles Adkins, Student
  • Kelly Brown, Student Affairs Staff (Board Chair)
  • Nigel Jett, Finance & Administration Division (FAD) Representative
  • Pat Kahrig, Office Assistant, Police Department
  • Glenn Landram, Faculty
  • Zach Powers, Communications Staff
  • Justin Puckett, Student
  • Eden Thorkildsen, Student
  • Artee Young, Faculty

Ex-Officio Members

  • Stacy Brown, Chief of Police Department
  • Wendy Endress, Vice President for Student Affairs