Thoughts from President George Bridges, and information about his time here at Evergreen.

Remarks on the Equity Council's Plan


For many years, Evergreen has struggled to find a paradigm of teaching and learning that addresses the many differences in backgrounds, orientations and life experiences of our students. When I arrived at Evergreen a year ago, a group of faculty and staff talking about diversity and equity asked me to help improving the college’s work on these issues. As I become involved, I learned about inequities in the retention, persistence and graduation of many of our students, particularly those from underrepresented and underserved groups. Read the rest of George's remarks.

A Message from Evergreen President George Bridges

Fall 2015

George Bridges speaks with students

George Bridges.

Greetings. I am pleased and honored to serve as Evergreen’s sixth president. 

While I still have much to learn about the College, its culture and people, I am enthusiastic about Evergreen’s unique role—on both the regional and national levels—as a public, interdisciplinary liberal arts college.

As president, I will always ask, “What is in the best interests of students—in their academic work, in their personal development and in preparing them for fulfilling lives after Evergreen?” Our singular purpose is to serve students and help them succeed.  And we do that in a way that is simply not possible at most other institutions.

At Evergreen, we provide an education that is academically rigorous and individually tailored. It is built on many distinctive virtues and strengths: interdisciplinary teaching and learning; collaboration; learning across significant differences; student responsibility and engagement; and an emphasis on putting theory into practice.  

Working with you—our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends—I hope to build on those strengths in the years to come.  Together we will write a new and pivotal chapter in the College’s history.

George Bridges
The Evergreen State College