Policies and Procedures

Archived Policy

Suspended Operations, Authority and Protocol

Associate Vice-President for Human Resource Services

This document lays out guidelines as to closure authority when any event threatens to, or does require closure or alteration of schedule of The Evergreen State College.

Emergency situations adversely affecting college operations, public safety or health, or well-being of individuals may require the closure of the college. Events include, but are not limited to: fire, natural disaster, infrastructure failure or severe weather. When operations are suspended, employees are not to report to work unless they have been previously deemed "essential" by supervisory personnel. As a residential campus, the college's normal policy is to remain open during inclement weather and to remind individuals to assess their personal safety before traveling to the campus.

With the dynamic and unpredictable nature of potential incidents, it is necessary to name those who have primary delegation of authority from the president to close the campus.

Primary delegation of closure authority:

  • When any incident, natural or man-made, requires the closure of the college outside of normal daily operations, defined as between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays, the Vice President for Student Affairs has primary responsibility for closing or altering the schedule of the campus.
  • When any incident, natural or man-made requires closure during daily operations, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays, the Vice President for Finance and Administration holds primary responsibility for closure of the campus.
  • Closure decisions regarding Evening and Weekend Studies programs will be made by the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Dean of Evening and Weekend Studies.
  • Every attempt should be made to make and communicate closure decisions before 6 a.m. on normal class days, and by 2:30 p.m. for evening classes.
  • Weather related closures of the Tacoma campus follow the direction of the Tacoma School District . Non-weather closures should be made by the director in consultation with the provost.
  • The office of College Relations holds primary responsibility for disseminating Olympia campus closure or other emergency information to the public in a rapid, concise manner.

In the absence of either of the vice presidents with primary closure authority, the other vice president will assume closure responsibility for that time period.

In order to provide redundancy as to closure authority, in the absence of the vice presidents of student affairs and finance and administration, others authorized to close the campus are limited to in no particular order:

  • President
  • Academic Vice President and Provost
  • Vice President for Advancement
  • Director of Facilities Services
  • Director of Police Services