Police Services

Annual Tacoma Campus Crime Statistics

*2009 & 2010 Tacoma Stats were not previously reported due to a misunderstanding of it's status as a separate campus.

Aggravated Assault 0
Assault 0
Arson 0
Burglary 0
Homicide 0
Larceny/Theft (Except Motor Vehicle) 0
Motor Vehicle Theft 0
Robbery 0
Sex Offenses (Forcible*) 0
Sex Offenses (Non Forcible**) 0
Drug Abuse Violations*** 3
Liquor Law Violations*** 0
Weapons Possessions*** 0
Vandalism 0

*Sex Offenses - Forcible include: Forcible rape, forcible sodomy, sexual assault with an object, and forcible fondling.

**Sex Offenses - Non-Forcible include, but not limited to: Incest and statutory rape.

***Statistics for these categories are for arrests and adjudications