Longhouse Parking

General Parking

Public parking is very limited in the Longhouse parking lot.  Guests are encouraged to park in Lot B and walk to the Longhouse via the emergency/service-vehicle pathway from Lot B to the Longhouse. 

Parking is enforced Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Guests must have a parking permit ($2.00) displayed in their vehicle.  Permits can be purchased at the main parking booth in Lot B or from a machine in Lot F. 


Guests may park for a maximum of 30 minutes in the paved driveway at the back door to accommodate loading and unloading needs.

Disabled Parking Spaces

Disabled parking spaces are available near the Longhouse.  A state-issued hang tag or license plates, or a college-issued hang tag is required as well as a daily parking permit.  To obtain a college-issued hangtag for disabled parking for use on campus only, please call the Parking Services Office at 867-6352.

Special Arrangements

Event planners may work with Parking Services in advance to make special parking arrangements by calling 867-6352.