Loading Zones

Find out where to park if you’re coming to pick someone up or drop something off.

Loading Zones & Delivery Areas


A 15-minute loading zone is available in the main campus bus loop.


30-minute loading zones are available in several locations:

  • In front of Seminar 2 at the bus loop
  • Behind the Library Building, adjacent to the loading dock
  • Behind the COMM Building, adjacent to the loading dock
  • At the Longhouse
  • At the Children’s Center

Unloading in the Residences

During designated times for Fall check-in, the housing loop is open to loading and unloading with help from Residential and Housing staff.

If you need to unload and load in the Housing loop during non-designated times, contact the Parking Services Office at (360) 867-6352 and provide your vehicle's license plate number and description in order to obtain a parking clearance and avoid a parking citation.

Loading and unloading in designated zones is allowed for 15-minutes only. If you need additional time, please call the Parking Office and request a clearance. We'll need your vehicle information in order to authorize the parking clearance.