About Parking Services

Photo of parking meters at Evergreen

Parking Services Office in Sem I, Room 3157

  • Open 8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Phone: (360) 867-6352

Obtain parking clearances for non-designated areas; purchase quarterly, academic, and annual decals; arrange guest parking; find out about alternative transportation programs, and more.

Parking/Information Booth at McCann Plaza

(Main Entrance to Campus)

Booth hours are 7 am - 9 pm Monday through Friday.

Daily and 2-hour passes, maps, appeal forms, visitor information, and friendly smiles are available at the Parking Booth.

F Lot Pay-&-Display Machine

You may purchase up to five days' worth of daily passes from the Pay-&-Display machine at the entrance to F lot, the student parking lot near Housing. Passes expire at 9 pm on the date printed on your F lot pass.  

The F-lot pass machine accepts debit cards, credit cards, and cash.  A small service fee is charged when using debit and credit.

The F lot pass machine does not give change, so please use the change machine located next to the pass machine and obtain correct change for your purchase.

Be sure to read the LED display and make your selection prior to inserting money into the machine. The pass machine times out after 3 minutes, so please have your money ready before making your selection. Evergreen does not charge for parking on weekends or college-observed holidays. Check to be sure your selection does not include them!

Meters in the Housing Loop

Housing Loop meters charge $1.00/hour, for 1 hour maximum stay. Select the number on the meter that coincides with the numbered space in which you've parked, prior to inserting your coins.

Meters in B Lot, C Lot & F Lot

Meters in B lot, C lot & F lot charge $1.00/hour, for a 4 hour maximum stay. Select the number on the meter that coincides with the numbered space in which you've parked, prior to inserting your coins.

MOD Housing

Parking in the MOD Housing area requires a MOD decal which are only available to residents of MOD housing. B-C-F lot decals are not valid in the MODs.  You may contact Parking Services (360) 867-6352 to request a clearance to use your B-C-F lot decal in the MODs to avoid parking citations for no valid permit and prohibited zone.

Two-Hour Passes

You may purchase a two-hour pass at the main entrance Parking Booth for $2.00.  2-hour passes cannot be exchanged for an all-day pass and paying $1, so you'll want to be sure that 2 hours is adequate prior to purchase.  

Parking Enforcement Staff

On duty 7 am - 9 pm Monday through Friday. Parking rules are enforced by campus police after Parking's hours of operation.

Vehicle Jump Starts and Vehicle Unlocks

Both Parking and Police Services provide free vehicle jump starts and vehicle unlocks upon request. Please call (360) 867-6832 and speak with Evergreen's friendly Police Dispatchers to request jumpstarts and vehicle unlocks.

Interested in institutional or work study positions?

We hire students in the Parking Services Office, the Parking Booth, to serve on the Infraction Review Committee, and our Student Transportation Coordinator position. Check out Evergreen Student Employment to find out more about student employment on campus, and stop by the Parking Services Office in the Seminar 1 Bldg., 3rd Floor, for a job application.