The Organic Farm is currently home to many animals. We raise livestock for wool, eggs and meat, and to encourage students to learn good animal husbandry practices. Our animals love visitors, but if you do say hello, please DO NOT FEED THEM. Our animals all have very closely monitored diets, so anything extra that is fed to them can make them sick. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jacob's Sheep Image

Jacob’s Sheep

In the spring of 2016, seven heritage lambs arrived on the Organic Farm to be ethically raised for meat. Currently, there is a mix of Suffolk, Columbian, and Herefordshire breeds. Each of them has a unique facial coloration. Feel free to say hello to them, if you can spot them!

Laying Hens ImageLaying Hens

Our flock of laying hens is quite diverse. Each different breed lays a different colored egg, so our egg basket is always bright with color! Most of our hens lay brown eggs, but we do have Americana hens, which lay green eggs! The other varieties we have are Speckled Sussex, Delaware, Wellsummer, and Jersey Giant.

Broiler Chickens ImageBroiler Chickens

In addition to the laying hens, we typically raise about 50 chickens each year for meat. We raise the Freedom Ranger breed, as we have found this heritage breed to be strong and active, with great growth. They love being outside foraging for insects in their enclosed pastured area as they rotate around the farm pastures and paths.