S&A Budget Information 2016-2017

The information contained on this page reflects a completed fiscal year. Budget information is at this time should be considered accurate and complete.


Living Here

Campus Grounds and Environment

Evergreen is located on the beautiful Puget Sound, surrounded by a 1,000-acre forest. The campus serves as an evolving living laboratory and natural muse. Seven hundred acres are preserved as undeveloped land areas with minimum habitat destruction for the purposes of academic study, minimization of resource expenditures, and the protection of ecological functions. (Campus Master Plan, Policy 6)

Eat Sustainably

Healthy Opportunities

Students can study and practice sustainable agriculture on the campus farm, eat local foods in the cafeteria or student-run café, join a student group, raise a garden, or connect with numerous community organizations with local, healthy food missions. Students have developed the Evergreen Food Guide, a handy nutritional resource.

Contact Information

Precalculus II

Taught by

Precalculus II is a problem-solving-based overview of functions that model change and is the final course in the two-quarter precalculus sequence. The course continues to prepare students for calculus and more advanced study in mathematics and science. The course includes a rigorous study of, sinusoidal functions, right and non-right triangle trigonometry, polynomial, and rational functions in addition to, vectors, parametric equations and polar coordinates and curves.

Location and Schedule

Campus Location

The Evergreen Zine Club

A space for creators to congregate and collaborate in the design, production, and distribution of zines. 

Evergreen Sustainability Tour

The CEC will go on a tour of the evergreen campus with Scott to point out key features (sustainable features) on campus. The tour will include the organic farm as well as previously funded CEC projects. 

Game Changers

To educate, motivate, liberate the formerly incarcerated and justice involved, to advocate for ourselves politically, to create systematic change. 

Climate Justice Group

The Climate Justice Group respectfully participates in popular movements that are fighting to achieve policies this year in Washington State that would help to stop the climate crisis. We strive to be a democratic group where everyone can be a leader, people of all backgrounds are leaders, and where people learn skills that they can use to lead their own campaigns for positive social change.