Domestic Study Away

Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning

Japan University Exchange Program

Evergreen is pleased to offer students of Japanese language and culture the opportunity to study for one year at one of our exchange universities in Japan: Miyazaki University and the Hyogo University. Students study under an Individual Learning Contract and attend classes to supplement their work on an individual project. If students possess high fluency in Japanese language, they may take classes as their primary study at either university.


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Augsburg College, The Center for Global Education

  • Namibia, South Africa

School for International Training (SIT)

  • Africa

International Honors Program (IHP)

Lexia International

  • South Africa


School for International Training (SIT)

  • Asia

Dorm Checklist

Students in housing

A Few Suggestions From Evergreen Students on What You Can't Live Without:

You may want to coordinate with your roommates before arriving to decide who will buy certain items that can be shared so you don't end up with 4 sets of pots and pans.

Remember: Campus Housing rooms come furnished so you don't need to bring your own furniture.