Bush, Kerry and the Politics of the "Lesser of Two Evils": An Evening with Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair

When: Friday, October 22nd 7:00 P.M.
Where: The Evergreen State College, Seminar II Building, B-1105
Free of Charge

Dime's Worth of Difference challenges the lesser of two evils theory, aiming a good portion of its critique at the liberal support for John Kerry and the Democratic Party. A must-read in this election year, it's the new collection edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, editors of the popular radical website CounterPunch.org and the investigative newsletter CounterPunch.

Evergreen Commuter Contest begins Oct. 25th

commuter contest

Evergreen Center for Community-Based Learning and Action sets grand opening, Oct. 18

Contact: Sylvie McGee: 360-867-6859

Center for Community-Based Learning and Action

An expression of 15 years of hopes and dreams will come to life Monday, Oct. 18 as The Evergreen State College Center for Community-Based Learning and Action celebrates its grand opening.

Ann Daley, Vice President for Finance and Administration to retire after distinguished career in public service

Ann Daley, vice president for finance and administration at The Evergreen State College, will retire October 15 after almost four years at Evergreen. Daley’s four years at Evergreen is only a small part of her notable 33-year career in government and public service.  While she is retiring from the public sector, Daley plans to remain active with part-time professional consulting, meditation, and teaching.

National sustainability expert to speak on campus Wednesday

National sustainability leader Dr. Anthony Cortese will speak at The Evergreen State College Wednesday, Oct. 20, about the critical role Evergreen and other colleges can play in leading a national shift toward sustainability.

Cortese's talk will take place at Lecture Hall 1 at 6:00 p.m.

Jackie Robinson Scholarship Night at Safeco Field

Contact: Jim Beaver, (360) 867-6042

Shortly before the Mariners home game with Boston, September 9, Les Purce, President of The Evergreen State College, and Charles Mitchell, Chancellor of the Seattle Community College System, will stand at home plate to award full-year scholarships to this year's three recipients: Carlos Marentes, Mara Mercedes Surel and Tynesha Wilson.

Poetry/Fiction Reading and Conversation with Chris Abani

Tuesday, September 7th, Lab I 1037

Chris Abani, a Nigerian writer currently living in Los Angeles, is the author of numerous books, including DAPHNE's LOT (poetry) and DOG WOMAN (fiction). His book of poems KALAKUTA REPUBLIC is based on his experience as a political prisoner in Nigeria between 1985 and 1991.

2005 College Guides Praise Evergreen

The major college guidebooks once again spotlight the affordability and strong academics of The Evergreen State College. The Princeton Review's listing of "The Best 357 Colleges" named Evergreen one of the "Best in the West," specifically a "Best Value College."

"The Evergreen State College offers what most colleges cannot: private college amenities and class sizes at a public university price," The Princeton Review said. The guide also listed Evergreen as #15 of 20 schools with a "Great College Radio Station."

Evergreen Receives $877,000 from National Science Foundation

Contact: Nalini Nadkarni, (360) 867-6621
Judy Cushing, (360) 867-6652
Gerald Guala, (703) 292-8470

Evergreen receives $877,000 from National Science Foundation

Forest canopy research is a young and emerging science. Researchers had not discovered ways to compare the many types of forests from around the world – until now.

Class Hosts Cultivating Inner Peace Author

Award-winning psychiatrist Paul Fleischman will grace the campus next week with an exclusive lecture and presentation, hosted by students. Fleischman connects the lives of outstanding figures such as the Buddha, Walt Whitman, and Gandhi with the ideal of inner peace and how real people cultivate peace in their everyday lives. He presents peacefulness as dynamic, selective, and egoless, shown through the constructive act of choosing different ways of life, such as having a smaller family or a more modest career.