Budget Scenarios

Given the state’s anticipated budget shortfalls, each division has been asked to develop budget scenarios for possible 10 and 15 percent cuts.  Those draft scenarios will be posted here (if you don’t see your division yet, you will soon).  Because each division faces different challenges, the formats and approaches of their scenarios vary as well.

These are DRAFT scenarios.  No decisions have been made.

Evergreen Offers New Reading Endorsement

(Olympia, Wash.) Washington's Professional Educator Standards Board has approved a new reading endorsement program at The Evergreen State College. The five courses in the sequence will be offered over two summer quarters and are open to certified teachers, candidates in teacher preparation programs, people interested in becoming teachers, and individuals interested in the development and teaching of reading. For summer 2009, participants can take Children's Literature or Adolescent Literature, Foundations of Literacy and Research in Literacy.

The Evergreen State College Receives Conservation Grant from Puget Sound Energy

(Olympia, Wash.) The Evergreen State College will receive a grant from Puget Sound Energy for $137,500 shortly after 10:00 a.m. at its regular Board of Trustees Meeting on January 14, 2009.


Limiting water use is a huge part of considering the future through sustainability. Currently, only 1% of the earth’s water is available for drinking, and this is the same water that is flushed down your toilets or flows down the drain during your shower. Considering that one fifth of the world’s population does not have safe drinking water, the necessity for water conservation becoming dramatically clear.

Thank You

Thank you for your input and for participating in the budget process.

Public Records Information & Resources

Public Records include any writing, electronic media, email, video recording and/or other recording and must be an existing and identifiable record. Any record created by an employee or representative of the state as part of their official duties or using state resources is a potential public record. Read the full text of the act.

How to Request Public Records

Public records may be requested by contacting the Public Records Officer.

January 29,2009 Budget Update

Budget Update January 29, 2009

Thanks to the approximately 100 people that participated in faculty budget discussions and the 150-200 people that participated in the campus-wide budget information session, both held Wednesday, January 28.  The discussions generated and questions raised were valuable to the budget framing process. 

In response to campus requests, we will be posting draft divisional budget scenarios for review and feedback.  No decisions have been made, so now is the time for feedback. 

Budget Ideas

For each idea, it is required to give

  • your affiliation with Evergreen,
  • a title for the idea,
  • and a description. 

In the description, please consider adding some thoughtful reflection on how this idea might change our current practices, mission and/or values and an idea of how long it might be before the college would realize financial benefit from the idea.