The Evergreen State College Orients New Students to Contribute to the Community

Contact: Ellen Shortt Sanchez, Evergreen Center for Community Based Learning and Action 867-6859

When: Wednesday, September 24, 12:00- 5:00

Who: Evergreen students new to college who participating in orientation week activities and college transition program “Community Connections” will join Center for Community Based Learning faculty and staff for an afternoon of service learning.

Parking Violations

Parking Fines
Parking ViolationFine
No Valid Permit$20
Overtime Parking$20
Improper Position$20
Violation of Disabled Zone$100
Parked at a Painted Curb$20
Prohibited Zone$20
Obstructing Traffic

The Evergreen State College designated one of the "Best Workplaces for Commuters"

In his letter of congratulations, Philip L. Winters, Program Manager for Best Workplaces for Commuters noted Evergreen’s leadership and commitment to improving the quality of life for employees while reducing traffic congestion, promoting energy conservation and reducing related air pollution in your community.

More information about this designation is available at

Farm House

Farmhouse Completed 1980The Farm House is a student designed and built structure. Intiated in 1975 and completed in 1980 by Evergreen Eco-design students, it houses a full-time live-in caretaker and provides a 40 student classroom space also used for extracurricular activities such as banquets and festivals.

Organic Farm History

The following information is currently being revised and reviewed both in historical and grammatical content. The following was written by Claude Mahmood who started gathering and reviewing the farm history as a project in Ecological Agriculture. 

Composting Toilet at Evergreen

The composting toilet initiated as a student project for the Ecological Agriculture Program during Spring and Summer of 2006 by two students; Stephanie Techner and Jillian Simpson (aka: Isis).

The composting toilet stands, as pictured below, in The Evergreen State College Organic Farm, Community Gardens/Experimental organic field. It has directions and information about the composting toilet and how to use it located in the compost toilet building. For more information come on down to the farm and take a look at how it was built and functions!

Evergreen Community Gardens

Community Gardens at The Evergreen State College is a Student Activities group dedicated to providing gardening space to members of Evergreen and the greater Olympia community.

Supported by student and member fees, Community Gardens provides tools, seeds, watering equipment, common areas, and access to informational materials. The group also organizes workshops, work-parties, and other activities emphasizing organic and ecologically-conscious farming practices and the importance of local food systems.