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How to Reserve a Room in the Communications Building

You may request a room through Media Services.

Communications Building: Home of the Performing and Media Arts

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Expressive Arts programs at Evergreen help students develop skills in performing and media arts with a deliberate focus on the interplay of theory and practice.


The Evergreen State College Olympia Campus

Communications Building Performance Venues

The Communications Building (COM) is easily accessible from Parking Lot C and Red Square (the main campus plaza).

Box Office

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Located on the first floor of the Communications Building.

For ticket information and event details: (360) 867-7431.

The Box Office opens 1 hour prior to all events. If the Box Office is closed, please call (360) 867-7444 for information.

Performing & Media Arts Admission

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Admission price will vary based on the event. Please visit Tickets or Calendar of Events for more information.

Free Admission for Ushers

The job of volunteer ushers for Evergreen Performing and Media Arts events, in exchange for free admission to an event, is to direct audience members to the theatre, to their seats, and to hand out programs. Ushers help to monitor the safety and well-being of those in the audience throughout the show.

Substance Abuse and Prevention

The Evergreen State College promotes the health and well being of its community of staff, faculty, and students.

The college recognizes substance abuse as a serious yet treatable condition.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Members of the Evergreen Community:

Congratulations! You have become a member of our community and now share with all of us the right to, and responsibility for, maintaining the conditions under which learning can flourish. Let me tell you more about what this means.