GEAR UP Services at Evergreen

GEAR UP Future Funding at Evergreen

We are delighted that the United States Department of education approved our funding request in 2008. We are currently in our fourth year of the grant and we continue to move forward to meet the goals of the GEAR UP Program at The Evergreen State College:

OBJECTIVE 1: Increase academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education primarily in the areas of math and reading with emphasis on reading across the content area.

GEAR UP College Preparation Assistant Program

College Preparation Assistant Program

The College Preparation Assistant (CPA) Program provides tutors hired and trained by GEAR UP to work with students individually and in small groups. CPAs offer academic assistance to students primarily in mathematics, science, reading and writing. CPAs are college students who may or may not be studying to be teachers. GEAR UP recruits CPAs from The Evergreen State College as well as other colleges and universities.