Coach House

The Coach House, designed to match the architectural style of the Lord Mansion, features an open space ideal for meetings or gatherings. It can also serve as a useful staging area for functions held on the grounds.

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Lord Mansion Directions and Parking

Lord Mansion is located 211 21st Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98501, just 6 blocks from the State Capital Campus. Get driving directions (Google Maps).

History of the Lord Mansion

Lord Mansion was built in 1923 for banker Clarence J. Lord and his wife, Elizabeth. Lord was a powerful figure in the history of Washington banking. He served as Olympia's mayor in 1902-03 and was a staunch opponent of any attempt to move the state capital. 

Lord Mansion & Coach House Home

Lord Mansion is a unique historic home in Olympia's Capitol neighborhood. With its beautiful architectural features and grounds, it provides an intimate, memorable backdrop and setting for events.

Computing Internships

Physical Computing Lab Intern

The Physical Computing Lab is a makerspace and technology space that provides access to several types of equipment for students and faculty of Evergreen. This includes 3D printers, Arduino kits, Raspberry Pis, and a sandboxed networking lab.

How To Register Steps

Prior to Registration Week:

  • Check your time ticket by logging into your my.evergreen account.
  • Click on "Registration" then on "check time ticket, status, and overrides".
  • Your time ticket will have your class standing information as well as the date your register and any holds on your account.

The screen will look like this:

Student Emergency Fund

Help a student when they need it most

Every year, Evergreen students—especially those living near the poverty line—experience hardships that force them to choose between their education and unexpected emergencies like medical expenses, car repairs, even groceries and electricity.

You can help those students stay in school.

Yes—I want to support the Emergency Fund.

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You can do this: PLE and EWS are a perfect combination for success

Tammy Ramsey from EWS

Tamalyn Ramsey’16 is a technology director for a global nonprofit, and a busy mother of two teenage sons. Two years ago, she graduated from Evergreen with her much-anticipated bachelor’s degree—one she attempted to get several other times, including through online universities. 

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Undergraduate Research in Scientific Inquiry with M. Paros

Taught by

Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research is an important component of academic learning in Scientific Inquiry. Research opportunities allow science students to work on specific projects associated with faculty members’ expertise. Students typically begin by working in an apprenticeship model with faculty or laboratory staff and gradually take on more independent projects within the context of the specific research program as they gain experience.

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