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A Bee-utiful Learning Opportunity with Evergreen Graduate Students


In the Masters of Public Administration Program, students must complete a capstone project, the final degree requirement. For her project, MPA graduate student, Annie Pocklington, decided to collaborate with Quasar Surprise, MES 2017, who teaches urban agriculture at Avanti High School, to introduce high school students to beekeeping. Their club had a great deal of community support and educated students about the importance of bees in the environment while teaching them unique and fun beekeeping skills.

Student-Originated Studies: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

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How librarian Stokley Towles brings meaning to workplace mundanity

Stokley's head popping out of a manhole in the street


“I get fixated on little things,” Stokley Towles, Evergreen library faculty member and multimedia performing artist, said. Towles has undergone adventures as a photographer, storyteller, and performance artist, and now integrates his affection for art with his research role in Evergreen’s Daniel J. Evans Library. However, his educational one-man performances expand much further than the library walls into the larger community of the Pacific Northwest.



The Master of Environmental Studies Association (MESA) at The Evergreen State College is an active group of MES students dedicated to addressing academic and social needs of MES students. MESA designs events and services to increase student involvement in campus and community environmental issues.

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