Responding to Students In Distress

In your role as a staff or faculty at Evergreen, you may come in contact with students who are distressed. Each member of the Evergreen community has a responsibility to help students succeed. Campus wellness is a campus issue, not solely individual members. 

No one has to do everything. Everyone has to do something.

Max Calloway

Hello, my name is Max Calloway and I am a continuing MES student from New England. As an undergraduate I studied literature, journalism and politics. While working as a salmon fisherman and dog handler in interior Alaska, I realized I wanted to work in the environmental field. I have since taught ecological field methods to teens and worked for the forest and parks service for the past foMCur years.

Code/Switch: Intermediate-Advanced Spanish

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Teaching at Evergreen

Olympia Daytime or "OlyDay"

Faculty members team-teach in full-time, collaboratively designed and thematically-centered interdisciplinary programs, bringing together multiple disciplines.  Faculty teams strive to address core academic experiences we believe should be included in all programs: writing; quantitative reasoning; deepening academic, artistic, and interpretative abilities and skills; promoting culturally diverse traditions of knowledge; creating inclusive learning environments for students and faculty members.

Prevention Efforts

We strive to work for education, advocacy, skill development, and the direct care. Prevention and response is important as we see campus wellness as a campus issue.

In thinking about a spectrum of response that is comprehensive and integrated student intervention program, we also have a variety of prevention efforts and programming throughout campus.