Alternative Transportation

Evergreen is located in the beautifully wooded area between Eld and Budd Inlets, on the outskirts of Olympia, Washington. Originally designed as a commuter campus with easy access from both southwestern Washington and the Peninsula, Evergreen’s rural setting creates alternative transportation challenges. Nearly 40% of Evergreen’s annual greenhouse gas emissions are associated with staff, faculty, and student commuting. This presents a significant challenge for Evergreen’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Evergreen’s transportation mission is to create multiple accessible alternative commuting options, to enhance existing options, and to create a robust support program that ultimately reduces single occupancy commuting.

Hybrid Transit

Alternative Commuting Options

  • Bus: Every Evergreen community member can ride Intercity Transit bus for free with your ID! (Staff and Faculty must request a STAR pass)
  • Bike: Biking to campus is an easy option for much of the year. Covered bike racks and lockers are available on campus for use by students, faculty, or staff. See the friendly folks at Parking Services in Seminar 1, Room 3157, to request one.
  • Carpool: Find others to share your commute with at RideShare.

Thurston Here to There

Check Thurston Here to There for a full range of commuting options or refer to our Commute Trip Reduction page for more information on existing alternatives.

Free PASSPORT Parking Permit

Have you heard about the free PASSPORT parking permit program? It's the perfect fit for commuters that currently (or are ready to commit) to bicycling or taking the bus to campus! Take a moment to learn about this great program and the benefits, and decide if you're ready to break the habit of commuting by car to campus!


Faculty or staff that currently (or agree to) alternatively commute to campus at least 60% of the time are eligible.


The PASSPORT program is an excellent benefit to alternative commuters that bike or bus to campus most of the time. The PASSPORT gives you 44 days a year (or about 1 day a week) of free parking on days that you need to drive. When you sign up for the permit, you also qualify for the SAFE ride home program. This provides you or a loved one a guaranteed ride should an emergency arise and you've biked or bused to campus, but need to get home right away.


If you bike or bus to campus most of the time, you probably have days that you just can't alternatively commute-- either because you miss the bus, or the weather is too bad, or you've got too much to carry.


The PASSPORT is a great fit for faculty and staff that have made a commitment to alternatively commute. It is also a great incentive to new alternative commuters to make an active pledge every day to catch the bus or bike to campus. The PASSPORT will be a fit for you are committed to only driving on days that you must.

Stop by Parking Services to sign up for a PASSPORT. Please bring your Faculty/Staff ID with you!

Late-Night Transit

The Nightline (route 411) is designed to provide students with an alternative to driving, walking or bicycling, especially when it may be unsafe to do so at the end of the night. It is the mission of the late-night shuttle to provide basic, safe, and convenient transportation to Evergreen students.


Need a car for a short trip or get away? Reserve a Zipcar!

Evergreen has teamed up with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area. To use Zipcars, simply register as a member, reserve a car online or on your phone, use your Zipcard to scan into the car, and drive away. When you’re done, return the car to the same location where you picked it up. (Zipcars are for personal use only and are not authorized for use during state business. Faculty and staff will not be reimbursed for the costs of using Zipcars.)

As a member you get:

  • Access to Zipcars 24/7
  • Discounted hourly rates for faculty, staff, and students age 18 and older. Rates start at just $7.50/hour or $69/day.
  • Gas, insurance, and maintenance are included for free!
  • Join for only $15

To learn more and get started today, visit

Electric Vehicles

Do you drive a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle? The college provides Level Two (220-volt) charging stations on the east side of parking lot C. (Please note: the Level Two chargers require a Blink membership or Blink Guest Code.)

Charging rates range from $0.39/kWh for Blink Plus members to $0.49/kWh for Blink Guests. More information is available on Blink's Membership FAQs page HERE.

Lot C Charging Stations   Level 2 Charger