Sustainability-related Events

Low-carbon Space Heating symposium - May 12, 2017.

What options are available for organizations with greenhouse gas reduction goals to stop heating with natural gas?

There are a few low-carbon heating technologies technically feasible in the Puget Sound region. Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, and their economic feasibility tends to be very site dependent.

We invited facilities and operations managers of large public and commercial buildings/spaces to join in a regional conversation on the opportunities and strategic collaborations that may serve our efforts to replace the consumption of natural gas with more renewable, non-fossil options. Please see below for the agenda, presentations, and event summaries.

View agenda and speaker details (PDF).

View Impact Bioenergy's presentation on Anaerobic Digestion (PDF).

View International Wastewater System's presentation on sewage heat recovery (PDF).

View the University of British Columbia's presentation on their Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility (PDF).

View Trane's presentation on heat pumps (PDF).