Facilities and the Built Environment

"Sustainability isn't just a bandwagon we're hopping onto. It's woven into the very fabric of our identity, and history, as an institution."
President Purce, 2007.

Evergreen's grounds and facilities are managed to minimize environmental hazards and other adverse impacts through emphasis upon resource conservation, low-impact cleaning and maintenance, native landscaping, stormwater runoff reduction measures, and LEED certification for new and renovated buildings.

Seminar II LEED Gold


Two campus buildings, Seminar II and the College Activities Building (CAB) are LEED Gold certified (new construction and renovation respectively). Seminar II, in particular, was designed to require more user interaction than is common with large buildings.

College Activities Building

The Longhouse, Library building, and Communications Laboratory (COM) were renovated to non-certified LEED Silver standards. The Sustainable Agriculture Laboratory (SAL) was designed and constructed to non-certified LEED Silver standards.

In addition to these academic buildings, many of the residence buildings have been renovated with a goal of maximizing water and energy conservation, minimizing landfilled construction wastes, and utilizing low impact materials and methods. In student housing, the Sustainability Community residences offer students an opportunity to experience and learn about green-built homes and more sustainable lifestyles.