Our Graduates

Rand Hodgson

Rand Hodgson MiT 2010, Evergreen's 2017 PK-12 Distinguished Educator of the
Year Award recipient.

Many graduates have received local, regional, and national awards. Not just “Teacher of the Year” in their individual schools, but in their school districts and regionally.

Others have been recognized by local and professional organizations such as Rotary clubs, the Washington Art Education Association, and the Washington State Indian Education Association. Evergreen’s Professional Education Advisory Board also annually selects a Distinguished Educator of the Year.

Nathan Gibbs-Bowling MiT ’06 and Betty Williams MiT ’96 have even gone on to win the prestigious national Milken Education Award in 2014 and 2001. This award is considered one of the nation’s highest honors in education.

A New Generation of Innovators and Advocates

Nate Gibbs-Bowling

I get to leave my intellectual and cognitive fingerprints on 100 kids a year who are going out and hopefully becoming more informed citizens and especially being agents of change.

Nate Gibbs-Bowling, MiT ’06 Washington State Teacher of the Year

Alumni have crafted creative, interdisciplinary lessons.

  • David Hunter MiT ’11 uses zombies to teach geography to middle school students.
  • Katie Baydo Reed MiT ’06 teaches fourth graders about the use of Washington State Fairgrounds as a Japanese internment camp during World War Two.

They have also spoken out about the value of teaching and the need to advocate for all students.

  • Check out an article by Allison Linnea on Time: I Survived My First 3 Years of Teaching, and You Can Too.
  • The report “Intentionality: Strategic Preparation & Development to Retain Our Most Effective Teachers” by Teachers United was prepared with significant input by five our of our alumni.

My greatest successes have been seeing how some of my former high school students are now finding happiness in their own lives.

Avi Barnes, MiT ’04

Awards and Recognition


Katie Agren, MiT 2007 - NTEA Teacher of the Year for Chinook Middle School

Wayne Au, MiT 1996 - Society of Professors of Education William H. Watkins Award Winner

Fred Ericson, MiT 2001 - NTEA Teacher of the Year for River Ridge High School

Nathan Gibbs-Bowling, MiT 2006 - Evergreen's Joseph Albert Dear Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

Rand Hodgson, MiT 2010 - The Evergreen State College Distinguished PK-12 Educator of the Year

Tim Holman, MiT 1999 - WHAS11 & LG&E Excellence in Classroom and Educational Leadership Award Winner

Alex McCarty, MiT 2002 - Featured in The Evergreen Magazine, 2017 Winter Issue

Ingrid Morais, MiT 2012 - Washington State PTA Outstanding Educator

Amy Solomon-Minarchi, MiT 2011 - Olympia's First Poet Laureate

Chelsea Thomas Altrum, MiT 2011 - NTEA Teacher of the Year for Timberline High School

Pamela Valentine, MiT 1999 - NAEA School of Art Leaders Participant


Jim Anderson, MiT 2002 - Washington State Forensics Association Coach of the Year

Justin Brooks, MiT 2006 - Lochburn Middle School Teacher of the Year

Kelly Cowgill, MiT 2015 - Featured in the Oregon Education Association's Quarterly Publication

Nathan Gibbs-Bowling, MiT 2006 - Washington State Teacher of the Year

Betty Hicks, MiT 2002 - Washington State PTA Outstanding Educator

Theresa Holland-Schmid, MiT 1993 - ESD 114 Regional Teacher of the Year

Nicole Laib Rutledge, MiT 2007 - Yelm Community Schools Secondary Teacher of the Year