Current School & Community Partners


Clover Park School District

  • Provides support of administrators, teachers and staff through professional development trainings, summer institutes, workshops and other venues
  • Provides opportunities to enhance teaching strategies that are culturally relevant across curriculums to accelerate academic achievement

Clover Park High School

  • A partner for joint efforts in transitional programs, professional development, after-school math, humanities, and science classes

Lakes High School

  • Provides administrative support and teacher professional development in reading and math
  • Establishes peer-mentoring and training opportunities
  • Ensures materials and supplies to build infrastructure needed for GEAR UP sustainability

Oakville High School

  • Provides staff support, facilities, transportation and materials to advance academic achievement

Community Partners:

Assembly of God

  • Provide facilities to hold parent and family activities
  • Craft presentations on college and career opportunities

Boys & Girls Club

  • Provide structured age appropriate after school programs and activities for younger siblings of GEAR UP students
  • Provide structured age appropriate after-school programs and activities for younger siblings of GEAR UP students so their parents/guardians may engage in supportive academic/career venues

Caring for Kids

  • Provide health, safety, academic, personal support resources and materials for middle and high school students and families within the Clover Park School District
  • Share resources and volunteers for seasoned programs such as: Ready to Learn Fair, Clothing Bank, School Supply Bank, Dental Care Kits, Read Across America free books, Food Closet, Furniture for Families, etc.

Centralia College-Talent Search

  • Organizes parental and family support programs
  • Crafts early college awareness workshops for parents, assisting with career and academic advising
  • Provides summer program opportunities and hosts campus visits

Centro Latino

  • Provide an environment where "the rapidly growing Latino community has the opportunities allowing them to effectively participate in and contribute to the success of Pierce County."
  • Craft academic support and parent involvement activities to maximize the impact of our collaborative partnership efforts surrounding the Lakewood Community

College Success Foundation

  • Provide parent and student college awareness programs to the Clover Park School District
  • Promote a college going culture in the community
  • Find community partners to support college awareness activities at CPSD

Communities In Schools

  • Provide mentor and tutor resources
  • Organize after-school, academic skill-building programs
  • Collaborate with partner organizations to create programs that help students stay in school, and graduate college and be career ready

First Baptist Church of Lakewood

  • Provide facility resources to support student and family GEAR UP related activities

Habitat for Humanity

  • Provide age specific projects for students related to social issues surrounding affordable housing
  • Foster on-site work projects such as landscaping, use of power tools, roofing, masonry, etc.

Junior Achievement

  • Provide financial education curriculum, materials and workshops both in school and capstone experiences at our facilities to all GEAR UP students

Lakewood's Promise

  • Provide support in recruiting mentors
  • Present academic/career building workshops
  • Arrange community service opportunities

Math Engineering Science Achievement ( MESA )

  • Provide administrative assistance to offer culturally relevant math and science after-school activities
  • Offer professional development workshops
  • Provide middle school enrichment classes using existing MESA curriculum
  • Coordinate student tutors (Making It Count)

  • Making high school count for freshman
  • Making your college search count for juniors
  • Making college financial planning count for students and parents

National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ)

  • Provide volunteer mentors to work with students twice per month
  • Foster mentoring, tutoring, and training workshops on empowering students to succeed
  • Chaperone field trips and provide financial assistance during the summer sessions

NW Education Loan Alliance (NELA)

  • Provide Train the Trainer workshops for personnel at each target school site
  • Provide copies of Paying for College publication each year for GU graduating seniors Promote Unlock the Future or our Consejos program materials each year of the grant

Office of Education Ombudsman/ Governor's Office (PT3)

  • Workshop/training for parents and educators about Authentic family involvement in education
  • Foster education on six types of family involvement
  • Create an action plan for school, family, community partnership, conflict resolution, problem-solving coaching for parents

Pierce College

  • Hosts visits for parents and students to provide a sense of belonging while on the campus
  • Assists with recruitment of tutors and mentors
  • Offers classes for GED completion and/or ESL for parents and family members

Pierce County Alliance

  • Provide leading workshops on foster care issues
  • Provide educational mentors to foster youth

Pierce County Careers Connection (PC3)

  • Facilitate dual credit for postsecondary education and related Program of Study advising
  • Waive student transcription fees

Pierce County Public Works and Utilities

  • Provide speakers and presentations regarding community service/action projects that also meet the Washington State's Academic Standards
  • Provide technical support, oversight and support materials for projects

Puget Sound Energy

  • Provide an environmental educational program and curriculum to school partner students
  • Help students master Washington state EALR in environmental education
  • Provide trained staff to deliver the curriculum, curriculum materials for students, parents and teachers

St. Clare Hospital Volunteer Services/Community Health Integration

  • Provide Summer Health Adventures, a career exploration program for 8 th grade students
  • Provide the Cops and Docs program to all 8 th grade middle school students
  • Engage the 16-18 year old students in the Teen V.I.P. program
  • Provide immunizations, flu shots and sports physicals at community events

Sterling Bank

  • Provide assistance with career exploration, money management and personal financial education for students and parents

Youth for Christ Tacoma

  • Provide after-school activities, Campus Life programs, summer camps, sports camps, outdoor recreation
  • Provide tutoring, parenting classes and other programs to support the youth and families of Lakewood