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Tears of Duk'Wibahl
International Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists of the Pacific Rim

Exhibition continues through December 10

Tears of Duk'WibahL Exhibition

This exhibition features the work of Indigenous artists from the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Samoa and New Zealand. The artists participated in an international gathering, or hui, as it is called in New Zealand and Hawaii. The hui was organized by the Longhouse and took place at Evergreen August 24-31. This hui is part of a long history of such gatherings organized and hosted by Indigenous organizations in New Zealand, Hawaii and here in Olympia since 1995.;

The Longhouse embarked on a historical path in hosting Return to the Swing in 2001, the first International Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists of the Pacific Rim in this hemisphere. Adding to this honor, the Longhouse is the only organization in the US to have hosted two Gatherings.

This year, the 108 invited artists are from the continental U.S. Hawai’i, Alaska, Canada, Samoa and New Zealand. 41% of the artists are new to the international network. 28 of the 38 first-time participants were local artists associated with the Longhouse.

Beaver Helper carving

Dempsey Bob (Tahltan/Tlingit); "Beaver Helper" 2017, yellow cedar, 20”h x 9”w x 4”d; Photo: Jan Hopkins

These Gatherings are profound exchanges of cultural and artistic sharing. Artists are creatively woven together in cultural sharing which strengthens the fabric, energy and dynamics of the gatherings. For many first-time participants, the experience is life changing. For artists who have attended previous Gatherings, the energy feels like an extended indigenous artistic family reunion. Within the international indigenous network, many of the participating artists are universally acknowledged to be at the top of their fields; the Longhouse plays a pivotal role in expanding the network to include talented emerging artists, empowering the next generation of indigenous arts leaders.

Evergreen Gallery is honored to have these artworks on display; mediums include painting, printmaking, ceramics, fine metals, fiber arts, beadwork, carving, digital media and glass. Most artworks were made previous to the Gathering, in the artists’ studios throughout the Pacific Rim. Some were made here at Evergreen, in the midst of the inspiration, creative energy, and collaborative spirit that suffused all who took part in Tears of Duk’Wibahl.