Meeting Facilities

With modern architecture set among 1000 acres of coastal temperate rainforest, Evergreen is the unique venue you've been looking for. Our wide range of meeting spaces will do much more than merely meet the needs of your conference; they will enhance it.

Evergreen has a broad range of meeting spaces available year-round

  • Lecture halls with varying seating capacities and state of the art Audio/Visual equipment
  • Classrooms that seat from 15 to 200
  • Specialized performance/rehearsal areas
  • A 15,000 square foot gymnasium
  • The Organic Farmhouse – day retreat facility
  • The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center
  • And many multi-purpose rooms that can be configured to meet most meeting needs


The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center is Evergreen's center for community gatherings. Built in the Native American tradition, the Longhouse is exceptional for large yet intimate gatherings. The Cedar Room and Welcome Hall are wonderful spaces to hold conference registration, receptions, and banquets. The collapsible walls of the North Wing provide maximum versatility to the space, offering two classrooms for 100 people each, banquet space for 200 or theater space for up to 300. The indoor fire pits and revolving Native art exhibits add to the unique ambiance of the venue.  Check out a wonderful panorama photo of the Longhouse to get a feel for its wonderful space.

Seminar II

The Seminar II building is designed to maximize space and energy efficiency. Each room strikes a perfect balance between technology and nature by offering integrated A/V equipment for the most advanced applications alongside the latest in "green" technology. Seminar II is home to over 40 rooms with varied flexible configurations; 30 person classrooms, 75 seat tiered lecture halls, and 80 person workshop rooms, all with large windows that let in plenty of natural light, furniture made from recycled materials, and decorated with recycled hardwood panels and floors.  View a panorama of our Seminar II Lecture Hall as well as a classroom.

Purce Hall (Lecture Hall)

Purce HallThe newly renovated Purce Hall has lecture halls with the tiered seating, integrated A/V equipped Smart Podiums, and varying seating capacities.  The spaces are great for film or computer based presentations, lectures, workshops, and large classes. There are a total of four lecture halls with fixed seating for 75-300 people.  There are also 4 classrooms with integrated A/V with flexible furniture arrangements for 25-75 people. The lecture hall rotunda is an ideal registration area to greet your conferees or it can be used as a breakout space to stretch your legs and get a cup of coffee before the next session.

Library Building

The Library building is home to many classroom spaces and multi-purpose rooms available on campus. Classrooms vary in size and can hold anywhere from 20-150 people depending upon your needs.  PC and Macintosh computer labs are available as well. The first, second, and third floor mezzanines are perfect for large receptions, presentations, or banquets. The fourth floor holds a 6,000 square foot multipurpose room with wraparound windows, access to the roof patio and magnificent views of campus and the surrounding forest.

College Activities Building

More commonly referred to as "The CAB," and home to the Conference Services office as well Evergreen's Greener Store (bookstore), The Greenery (main dining area), The Marketplace (retail food outlets, and the student run Flaming Eggplant Cafe.

Communications Building

This building houses a variety of performing arts facilities. There is a Recital Hall, as well as an Experimental Theater complete with a computerized lighting system and flexible seating designs with tie-ins to the Central Media Production facility in the Library Building. There are also facilities for animation and film editing, as well as practice rooms for theater, dance, and music, including practice rooms with baby grand pianos.

Organic Farm

A .4 mile nature trail leads from the west side of campus to the Organic Farm where students study small-scale sustainable agriculture, including organic farming techniques. There are plots of land where students can grow their own produce. The farmhouse is a cozy facility ideal for gatherings and day retreats for up to 25 people.

View panoramas of the farm as well as the farmhouse sustainable agriculture lab.

College Recreation Center (CRC)

Evergreen's recreational facilities include:

  • Olympic-size swimming pool and diving well
  • 15,000 square foot gymnasium with indoor basketball and volleyball courts
  • Weight training rooms
  • Men's and women's locker rooms with saunas
  • Handball/ racquetball courts
  • Dance /movement rooms
  • Tennis courts
  • Jogging paths and hiking trails
  • 4 outdoor athletic fields
  • Indoor climbing walls
  • Covered pavilion
  • Beach access through a nature path

During the summer, the College Recreation Center (CRC) is open noon to 8pm, Monday through Friday. There is a daily admission fee. Special group rates are available upon request. Exclusive use outside of normal open hours can be arranged at a reasonable cost.

Arts Annex

The Arts Annex is Evergreen's creative epicenter. There are several instructional classrooms as well as four art studios, each with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, excellent for two and three-dimensional art. On the lower level is a ceramics studio, wood and metal shops and a three-dimensional art construction area.

Labs I & II

If your conference calls for the use of academic science facilities, then Evergreen is an ideal choice. Labs I and II hold many of the college's art and sciences classrooms, workshops, and laboratories, most of which are available for conference use. Lab I has a variety of general use and specialized labs such as the Self-Paced Learning Unit Lab and the Environmental Chemistry of Pollution Lab.  You can view a panorama of our biology lab.

Lab II contains the basement Neon Lab where glassblowing takes place as well as a Printmaking Studio for printmaking, letterpress, etching, lithography, silk screening and batik. Here you'll also find the Weaving Studio, the Fine Metals Studio, the Geology Lab and a science based Computer Applications Lab.

Space Reservations

Conference spaces are available year-round though our status as an academic institution makes space availability contingent upon the needs of academic programs.

The Conference Service staff will schedule meeting facilities that are compatible with the size of your group and the needs of other programs on campus.

Occasionally some facilities are not available because of academic scheduling, basic maintenance, or remodeling. We are happy to note your preference for facilities and will schedule them if at all possible. The College reserves the right to change building assignments for lodging, meeting space or recreational facilities.