Area of Emphasis

Choosing an area of emphasis—instead of a major—puts the power in your hands.

You can choose to focus your studies in a particular area or areas with an area of emphasis. What you call this is totally up to you. Like declaring a major, it gives you a shorthand way to describe your education. Unlike a major, you choose it near the end of your schooling.

You could choose a traditional title like Psychology or History. Or you could create a title that reflects the specific focus of your studies—something like Media and Culture, Social Justice, or Somatic and Consciousness Studies. See what Fields of Study are taught at Evergreen.

It’s Super Flexible

Traditional colleges have it backwards. There, your major tells you what classes you’ll have to take. Here at Evergreen, your area of emphasis describes the studies you’ve already chosen. If your goals change in the middle of your studies, so too can your area of emphasis. All the credits you’ve already taken still count toward your degree. There’s no need to catch up on a checklist of new prerequisites!

Since every credit counts, you can complete your education faster and pay less tuition!