Against all Odds: The Black Experience - Studies in Resiliency, Reconstruction to Kabby Mitchell III

Winter 2018 quarter

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How have people of African descent, of many different cultures and ages, succeeded against all odds? How have they consistently moved from victims to victors? Where have they found the insurmountable courage and humanity to deconstruct and reconstruct their lives over and over again? In this course, students will participate in a literary exploration of the factors that promoted resistance, resiliency and cultural sustainability in the lives and legacies of selected Black men and women from Ancient Egypt to Kabby Mitchell III.

During Winter quarter, our collaborative explorations will use the lenses of Ancient Egyptian studies, African, African-American and Afro-Diaspora history, and the work of H. Richard Milner and Tara J. Yosso as theoretical frame works to create an academic resiliency tool kit that delineates strategies for remaining indigestible while in the beast. All students will be given the opportunity to leave the class inspired, equipped and informed. 

This is the second quarter of a 2 quarter course. Enrollment in Winter is not dependent on being enrolled Fall. 

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cultural studies history literature

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Comparative World Views,  Community Service or Human Development


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Tue 6-9:30p

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